A to Z Challenge – P (AC)

A to Z Challenge

For the challenge, I’m focusing on the A to Z of reading and writing romance novels. This series of posts will contain Adult Content – though not really in this post.


P is for Pirates!

Arrr!  Heehee, sorry. :)

There are many historical romances that revolve around swashbuckling heroes, with long, flowing hair and sexy, tanned skin.  The pirate sub-genre has been around FOREVER and I’d bet that this trend is not likely to stop anytime soon, especially with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom in dirty pirate garb burned permanently in our brains.  And no, that’s not a complaint. 😉

And now for couple of fairly tame and silly pirate jokes to honor of these hot, dangerous heroes:

– How much did it cost for a pirate to pierce his ears?  — A buck-an-ear!

– Why are pirates mean? Or, why are romance novel pirates so sexy? — Because they arrrrrr.  🙂


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