A to Z Challenge – K (AC)

A to Z Challenge

For the challenge, I’m focusing on the A to Z of reading and writing romance novels. This series of posts will contain Adult Content. So, if you’re really young or don’t enjoy dirty things, just don’t read it. No harm, no foul. Otherwise…enjoy. 🙂

imageK is for Kissing

Not all romance novels have explicit sex scenes (I know, it’s an unfortunate reality 😉 ), but all romance novels have kissing.

Kissing is essentially a requirement of romance and it is always a sizzling encounter – often thrusting characters into a maelstrom of passion, sensation, and turbulent emotions.  Sometimes, even kissing can get downright naughty, especially when the hero’s tongue mimics what he’s doing, hmmm, elsewhere. 😉

Happy A to Z posting.


8 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – K (AC)”

  1. For my historical short story kissing wasn’t appropriate. but the eye contact and hands touching hands was almost as sexy – more so maybe due to the subtlety.


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