A to Z Challenge – D (AC)

A to Z Challenge

For the challenge, I’m focusing on the A to Z of reading and writing romance novels. This series of posts will contain Adult Content – especially in this post. So, if you’re really young or don’t enjoy dirty things, just don’t read it. No harm, no foul. Otherwise…enjoy. 🙂

imageD is for Dukes (and other privileged people in historical romances):

Ahh yes, if there’s one giant staple in historical romances, it would be rich and titled characters – like dukes, counts, lords, viscounts, knights, and such.  I’m sure there are historical novels somewhere that do not include characters with titles or vast fortunes – but they are few and far between.

And the “duke” trend hasn’t stayed in its historical romance novel birthplace, it’s morphed into the millionaire trend seen in contemporary romance novels (which is another romance novel staple).  Too bad the romance industry didn’t churn out any books on millionaire playboys being hit hard by the recession – it would have been an interesting change of pace.  After all, historical romances do feature dukes/counts/viscounts/lords with no money (who are often looking for that easily seduceable, naive heroine). 😉


…D is also be for discipline:

Love or hate “Fifty Shades of Grey” (I didn’t read more than 3 pages of it), it brought erotica and BDSM into the hands of new readers – and with it, a lot of stories of discipline.  😉

But it seems like most of the stories feature some naive, young heroine being introduced to BDSM by the hero.  I think it’s time to break through of the leather bindings ladies, and write some kick-ass heroines they like to, well, you know… 😉


10 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – D (AC)”

  1. Ahh how I love my Dukes! I’ve been a historical junkie this past year and have managed to find quite a few non-titled characters along the way though finding ones where *both* heroine and hero are not titled is much more difficult. Always makes for an interesting read though when you stumble upon them 🙂

    And gah yes that book. I was reading BDSM way before *that* happened. I can see some good in it like you said it brought some erotica into the mainstream picture but it also brought so many similar books that just don’t do women or the BDSM community justice. I stick to the classic authors of the genre and am very content to stay with them and not the new trends. (can ya tell I really didn’t like *that* book? lol)

    Happy A to Z-ing!
    herding cats & burning soup.


    1. I love Dukes too!!! 🙂 I have found books without titled characters as well but only a few (most of them had pirates and/or spies – yay!).

      I read BDSM and erotica before that book as well. My favorite is Sleeping Beauty – the first one in the trilogy. And you’re definitely right, “50 shades” did spawn a lot of similar books – as popular books tend to do. I’m still hopeful that those kinds of books will eventual get less popular and the better written, more accurate books will prevail. 🙂


  2. In one writing group I belong to several writers do discipline and no not the naive young heroines Why did 50 shades become so popular? I hear it poorly written for one thing. And on the other thing – my historical romance friends do their homework to ensure they get the titles right etc. I’ve published an historical short story and did a fair bit of research for it. Really enjoying your posts


    1. I’m not sure why “50 shades” got so popular. I think starting out as fan fiction for the Twilight series and being the first erotica novel that many women read certainly helped.

      And you’re right – researching before writing a historical romance novel is important. I recently bought “Medieval Underpants” by Susanne Alleyn and in it, she details a lot of the issues that historical authors get wrong. It’s pretty interesting so far (I’m still reading it).

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


      1. Well Twilight ain’t no great literature either lol And as my stand up comedian said yesterday – vampires don’t sparkle!
        there’s so much good bdsm out there Id love to know how shades got so popular…one of the mysteries of life I guess


      2. lol. I didn’t get far into reading the Twilight series either. I did see the movies and I have to say that the thing that bothered me more than the sparkle was that she got pregnant. I mean, come on, no where else in vampire books can you get pregnant from a vampire…

        But, I digress. I have no idea how some books catch on and some don’t. Some of it is just luck, I guess. But hey, the positive side is that it got a lot of people into reading and we can’t frown on that. 🙂


      3. Actually in Discovery of Witches one of the most unique and excellent books at the end of book 2 she is pregnant. But book 3 is not out yet so we’ll see about explanation


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