A to Z Challenge – A (AC)

A to Z Challenge 

For the challenge, I’m focusing on the A to Z of reading and writing romance novels.  This series of posts will contain Adult Content.

A is for Adult Content

imageAdult Content in Romance Novels:

Yes, the romance novel is known for many things –  sexy pirates, delicious dukes, virginal (or near) heroines, and silly plot twists.  While some romance novels have all of these things, many newer and fresher romance novels have none of them.

Romance, like any of the other genres, has changed with the times and with its readers.  But there has been one thing that has remained blissfully constant in most books throughout the years – adult content.  🙂  Hey, we don’t call this genre smut without good reason – and oh my, can some authors make those pages steam.

So, I’ll start my challenge off by raising a glass to romance novel smut and adult content – to all of the frantically beating hearts, trembling lips, shaking knees, and everyone’s favorite – quivering members.  What would romance novels do without you?

And there are some excellent examples of adult content in romance novels, here’s one of my favorites.


7 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – A (AC)”

  1. I am not a fan of the genre, but I did read 50 Shades, just to see what the hype was about and was very disappointed, not because of the adult content (even though I am positive I could write MUCH better steamy scenes and NEVER use the words “my sex” to refer to any female body parts), but because she was making a FORTUNE and has the writing skills of a 13 year old (if 13 year olds wrote smut, that is).


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