Smutty Saturdays

Smutty Saturdays



That’s right, that’s a picture of steamin honor of the written steam that fills the pages of romance novels.  🙂  heeheehee

This week’s smut is from one of my favorite books, the second book in the Wallflower’s Series: “It happened one Autumn,” by Lisa Kleypas.  By the way, this book and the entire series is great – strong and interesting heroines in the historical romance genre.  I loved it and strongly recommend it!

Her mouth wandered unsteadily over the masculine scrape of his cheek, the edge of his jaw, and back to the softness of his lips.  When the kiss ended, she turned her face to the side and gasped, “what do you want?”

“Don’t ask that.”  His lips moved to her ear, and his tongue stroked into the tiny hollow behind the fragile lobe.  “The answer…”  Hearing the way her breath hastened, he lingered at her ear, tracing the fine edge with his tongue, nibbling at the folds within.  “The answer is dangerous,” he finally managed to say.

Dangerous?!  Dangerous, you say?  Well, that just makes me more curious…  🙂


Happy Saturday, y’all.  And happy reading too!  🙂


12 thoughts on “Smutty Saturdays”

      1. Nothing better than historical smutt. It always manages to be so hot and yet without any vulgar words. The writers that can pull this off have true talent!


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