Review “The Last Boyfriend”

Review “The Last Boyfriend,” by Nora Roberts

image“The Last Boyfriend” is the second book in the Inn Boonsboro Trilogy and follows the story of the next Montgomery brother – Owen – and his long-time friend, Avery.

Avery has loved Owen for as long as she can remember.  When she was a kid, she had a major crush on him and followed him around, going as far as to announce that they were engaged.  Ever a sweet boy, Owen gave little Avery a pink plastic ring out of a gum ball machine  (altogether now, “awwww”).  But that was just kids’ stuff.

They’ve been close friends for ages and a constant in each other’s lives since childhood.  But Avery and Owen begin to look at each other differently after the Inn’s resident (and somewhat meddlesome) ghost arranges a kiss between the two.  Can Avery and Owen explore this new attraction without ruining their friendship?

This was a sweet and entertaining book in the Inn Boonsboro trilogy, about the warmth of a friendship growing into a deeper love.  This book has everything a 2nd book in a trilogy should have – we get to revisit a bit with Clare and Beckett (who are happily planning a wedding and expansion of their family), watch a romance bloom between Avery and Owen, and smirk when Hope and Ryder eye each other from afar.

5 out of 5 stars for “The Last Boyfriend.”  🙂

After I put this book down, I immediately picked up the next one (“The Perfect Hope“).  Can’t wait to learn more about the Inn’s resident ghost and read Hope’s story… I do, after all, love it when the hero and heroine don’t like (or at least, pretend to not like) each other in the beginning.  🙂  Should be fun. 😉

Happy reading to all!


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