Smutty Saturdays

Happy Smutty Saturday – the day when we give in to reading the genre that I like to call, “cotton candy for my brain.”  🙂

(Side note: We had more snow this week, so the roaring fire picture stays one more week.)


This week’s smut comes from Nora Roberts’ “The Next Always.”  <Sigh>  She really is amazing, and if you’ve never had a chance to read her work, you have TONS of books to pick from.  I actually started with her mystery romance books, which are scary and steamy.  Hmmm, maybe I’ll go back and re-read a few of those over the summer.

“Beckett, don’t make me ask you to come upstairs and check in the closets.” She laid her hands on his cheeks. “Just come upstairs.”
She stepped away, offered her hand. He took it, held firm. “I’ve wanted to be with you when I didn’t have the right to.”
“As long as you want to be with me now.”

Awww.  Cute smut.  Happy Saturday, y’all.  And happy reading too!  🙂


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