Review: “The Next Always”

Book Review: “The Next Always,” By Nora Roberts

image “The Next Always,” is the first book in the Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy.  The series follows the stories of the Montgomery brothers as they renovate a historic building and turn it into a charming bed and breakfast.

Side note:  There really IS an Inn BoonsBoro in Boonsboro, Maryland, which Nora Roberts owns.  And, just like in the books, the rooms are themed –  with romantic literary couples.  Including an Elizabeth and Darcy room (of Pride & Prejudice)!  So cool!

But, I digress.  In “The Next Always,” we follow the story of Beckett Montgomery and Clare Brewster.  Clare moved back to her hometown of Boonsboro (with two young sons and pregnant with a third) a few years ago, after her husband was tragically killed in Iraq.  Over the past few years, she’s gotten used to life back in Booonsboro, opened a small bookstore (sigh, I always wanted to go that!), and is busy and happy raising her three sons.

Beckett, with his brothers and mother, is busy renovating a historic building in town.  But he always makes time to stop by the little bookshop down the street for an iced coffee or the latest paperback, and it’s not just because he likes the atmosphere.  He had a crush on Clare in high school, which came surging back to life when she moved back into town.  He’s been slow in pursuing Clare, but that changes when he takes her on a tour of the building he’s renovating.  But he’s not the only man in town with his eye on Clare…

I love these series-type books that Nora Roberts is so fond of writing.  In this type of series, we follow the story of one couple per book – and, we get to see the beginnings of romance between other characters or follow-up with happy couples we’ve already met.   Love it!  5 out of 5 stars for my favorite author!


6 thoughts on “Review: “The Next Always””

    1. I’m catching up too! I have so many of her books in my queue, it would be ridiculous if she wasn’t so good. 🙂 I think I’m going to finish up the Inn Boonsboro Trilogy and then maybe go to “Born in Fire” or “Whiskey Beach,” both of which I have in real book form. 🙂 And actually, my sister was wonderful enough to have Nora Roberts sign “Whiskey Beach” for me. So awesome!

      What are you thinking of reading next?


      1. Haha, don’t NR’s books always make you want to do something you would never otherwise consider? Like, go live in another country to find your true love. Or, search for small, homey towns and settle down there. Her stories are very tempting! I have no doubt that if I read this one, I might end up making moony eyes at every single old house I pass by 😀


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