Smutty Saturdays

Yep, it’s a Smutty Saturday, my favorite day of the week.  It’s when I get to sleep late and read in my fuzzy robe…<sigh> blissful!


Also, I’m wondering (as the snow outside is nearly all gone), how much longer I can get away with the picture I took of a roaring fire for Smutty Saturdays?  I may need to come up with a different picture for Spring/Summer – a boiling kettle in honor of romance novel steam-iness perhaps?  🙂

Regardless, this week’s selection of smut comes from Courtney Milan’s “The Heiress Effect,” which is a fabulously entertaining book and I highly recommend it.

He licked his lips.  “I had every intention of being a gentleman.  Of sleeping on the floor, or…or something.”
“Is that what a gentleman would do?” Jane asked.
“Then gentlemen are idiots.”

Heeheehee.  Happy reading, all. 😉


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