E-Review “I love my breakup”

Ebook Review of Series: “I love my breakup,” by Sabrina Lacey

imageOh, you have to love the deals on Amazon and BookBub (BookBub, you say? Have you not heard of it?  Well then, sir or madam, you need to check it out).

Anyway, I got “I love my breakup” (an erotic short) from Amazon for the bargain price of $0.00 – excellent!

“I Love my break-up” (Part 1 of the “I love my healed heart” box set)

“Wanted – young man, single, and  free.  Experience in loved preferred, but will accept a young trainee. Ohh, I’m gonna put it in the want ads.”  Heehee, that old song was playing in my mind, as I read through the beginning of this story.

You see, Jess recently broke up with her no good, cheating ex-boyfriend.  In a flash of (hmm, I wouldn’t call it “genius” if this happened in the real world) excitement, Jess answers an online ad for a one-night stand.

Luckily for her, the man who placed the ad happens to be Mark, a proper romance/erotica hero and not a creepy-creep (this IS fiction, after all)…and the two have quite a bit of chemistry within moments of meeting each other, seriously.  All is steamy, but must end – as our handsome hero goes back home to California, while our heroine continues her life in NYC.

I give this little (graphic, in case you were wondering)  novella 4 out of 5 stars – for lots of steam, humor, and really good character development for an erotic short.  It is part of a series though, and leaves us with our heroine still unattached and dealing with her feelings about her ex-boyfriend (David) and their breakup.   Although I normally dislike series, I may go back and finish these – as they are a finite collection (4 parts, plus a flash back of her ex for the box set).


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