Ebook Review “Superhero in Disguise”

Review – “Superhero in Disguise,” by: Kitty Bucholtz

image In “Superhero in disguise,” we learn the back story for the character’s in this author’s series – Tori Lewis (our heroine) and Joe Clarke (our hero and actually, a superhero).  Lewis and Clarke, get it? 🙂

The story starts with Tori Lewis moving out of her sister’s place and into a small house of her own.  She’s determined to take charge of her life and live on her own.  It’s Halloween, and after taking a tumble on her way home, our heroine gets a “meet cute” with our hero and the two end up making out on the street.

That’s pretty much it…

So, a few things:

1)  Writing style & story idea  – The story wasn’t poorly written and didn’t have any glaring grammatical errors (which we all struggle with and are common in a lot of the freebies on Amazon).  The premise of a plucky heroine striking out on her own (with hints of powers) and real superheroes looks promising.

2) Price – I bought this story partially because it was on sale for the tempting price of $0 (normally $0.99).  I like the idea of offering things for free, or really anything below $4.99, especially if you’re a new writer.  If I choose to go the self-publishing route, I will offer my first book for $2.99 or less.  I think it’s a great way to get your name out there and get people to read your book (that oh so exciting prospect of people actually read your stuff!! yay!).

3) Story length & content – I understand putting short stories on Amazon as a way to get readers interested in your writing – I’ve thought of doing this as well.  However, “Superhero in disguise” is not really what I would call a short story…I’m not even sure if I would call it a teaser, as it ends shortly after the hero and heroine meet.

In a note at the end of “Superhero in disguise,” the author explains that she originally wrote the piece as the first few chapters of her book, but ended up pulling it because it felt like too much of a romance (she wanted the book to be more action oriented).

Personally, I think that she should have kept the chapters as the beginning of her book or told the scene in flashbacks later.  A few chapters of a book are not usually well-suited to a novella format, especially in this case.  “Superhero in disguise” feels more like the set-up to a novel than a standalone story.  As a result, I give it 2 out of 5 stars.


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