Ebook Review: “Unleashed”

Ebook Review: “Unleashed,” By Cherrie Lynn

imageOh my, does Cherrie Lynn know how to write a sizzling novel.

In “Unleashed,” we follow the story of Kelsey and her best friend, Evan.  Roughly a year ago, Kelsey walked in on her husband having an affair with Evan’s finance.  Now, Evan is offering to take her on an all expense paid vacation to Hawaii…which was supposed to be his honeymoon.

Fun in the sun with your best friend after a stressful year, what more can a girl ask for?

Well, Kelsey is reluctant to be alone with Evan because long before she met her now ex-husband, she had a serious crush on Evan.  Since her divorce, old feelings for Evan have been rising to the surface.  Evan is charming, smart, and a notorious flirt.  How can she survive a week alone with him (with his smooth voice and teasing ways) and still protect her heart?

Hmmm…how indeed?  It certainly helps that Evan has his own motives for the trip, making this vacation in paradise one that will be burned in their memories forever.

<Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle>

I give this fun and sexy read a solid five out of five stars!  🙂  Check it out, and be prepared from some serious steam.  😉


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