The allure of the writer’s retreat

Amtrak has been in the news recently, over a writer’s residency program that it is testing. Some people worry that commercialism will flaw the integrity of the writer’s experience, while others (like me) clap in gleeful anticipation of an adventure.

The fact of the matter is that writers have been doing their own versions of a writers retreat for years (think “Walden”). What a lovely concept that now someone may give you a retreat at a discount or for “free” (everything does have its price, you know).

I plan to apply to the Amtrak program, though I do worry about the ability to win a spot and performance anxiety if I do. (Ugh. No one’s going to check or read through my notebook like in school, right? If so, no blushing…or lectures.)

But since it is unknown if/when the Amtrak residency would occur, I have funded my very own kind of writer’s retreat. 🙂

Later this year, my husband and I will board a transatlantic/repositioning cruise (check these out, there are actually good deals). Many of my coworkers commented that they wouldn’t be able to do such a vacation. Eight days at sea?? Surely, at some point the boredom would drive you crazy.

I lift a shoulder in response. Meh, maybe some people would go stir crazy – though ships have a lot of planned activities to stop people from reenacting scenes from “The Shining.”

But for someone like me, it will be heaven. Hanging out on the sun drenched top deck with a book or a notebook, creating and reading to my heart’s content…sigh, it will be lovely. And on days that I have trouble finding my muse, I can participate in any number of the boats activities.

Now, I just have to finish up these evil edits to my novel, so that I can dedicate my fun in the sun time to a new project. But alas, we all have to struggle through the tunnel before we can step out into the light.


3 thoughts on “The allure of the writer’s retreat”

      1. Exactly! As long as it offers you a semi-quiet, inspiring environment (like, overlooking a pretty town square or having nice wooden furniture)! 😉


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