Review: “Chasing Fire”

Review for “Chasing Fire,” by Nora Roberts

imageNora Roberts is awesome – a fact that she continues to prove with every book release.  She is always able to spin together an excellent plot, lively characters, beautiful scenery descriptions, and excellent dialogue.

<Sigh.  Girl, if you ever teach a writing class, I will sign up.  Even if it’s Intro to Composition.>

In “Chasing Fire,” we follow the story of the Zulies, the brave men and women who parachute in to fight forest fires in Missoula.  As if her job wasn’t dangerous enough, Rowan finds herself the target of a psychopath bent on exacting revenge and, separately, a rookie that wants to ignite a romance with her.

<Bad pun, I know, but it was too tempting.>

The best part about this novel is its heroine, who is the kind of character that all girls (big and small) can admire.  She’s a strong, independent woman who is full of energy and life.

I can’t emphasize enough how wonderful it is to read about strong female characters in romance.   This sub-genre has long featured pretty, but somewhat empty-headed heroines that can’t seem to function on their own and need to be rescued by the hero (in some books, this occurs constantly).  Rowan is an especially refreshing because, she is more than just self-sufficient, she also has some serious guts and fire fighting skills that make her a true hero.

Chasing Fire” is an amazing novel that gives you a view from the trenches in fire fighting and in falling in love, all while biting your nails over an unfolding mystery.  5 out of 5 stars.  🙂


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