Review “Tempting the Best Man”

Ebook Review of “Tempting the Best Man,” By: J. Lynn (pseudonym for Jennifer L. Armentrout)

imageOkay, I have to confess, sometimes I take a chance on an author and purchase ebooks based on their cover art.  I know that it’s shameless.  But really, this just goes to show the importance of your overall “curb appeal” in winning over readers.  (Side note: I wonder where one can get cover art of people cavorting for self-published romance novels.  Something to research, I suppose. :p)   Anyway, I am glad that I purchased this fairly quick read on Amazon for the oh-so-tempting price of $1.99.

In “Tempting the Best Man,” the first of the Gamble Brothers Series, we follow the story of lovesick Madison.  You see, Madison has spent nearly her entire life mooning (and then lusting) after one of her brother’s best friends since childhood – Chase Gamble.  Making matters worse, fate decides to tempt (or torment) Maddy by casting Chase as the best man to her maid of honor role in her brother’s wedding.  Even more “unfortunate,” is a glitch in the room situation that has our heroine and hero sharing the same cabin.  Poor Maddy.

But we know better, don’t we?  Because where there is unrequited love in romance land, there is generally steaminess to follow.  And oh my, does this book deliver on the steam.  🙂

I give this novel 4 out of 5 stars, for the steamy romance set in a location so close to my current home (hey, I can’t help but enjoy a little locality now and then).  All in all, a fun, satisfying, and quick read. 🙂

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