Review “Countess Conspiracy”

Ebook Review: “The Countess Conspiracy (The Brothers Sinister Book 3),” By: Courtney Milan

imageSebastian Malheur is known throughout England as a brilliant scientific mind.  Some revere his work, while others think him to be a reprobate.  What they don’t know, is that he is taking credit for another scientist’s work.  Why would he live a lie for so many years?  Well, because he’s in love with a very complicated woman.

Violet is many things – a widow, the Countess of Cambury, friend of infamous rake/scientist (Sebastian), gardener, and – the brilliant scientist behind the beginnings of genetics.

For years, Violet depended on Sebastian to publish her life’s work.  But the years of lies weigh heavily on Sebastian.  He shocks her to the core when he announces that he will no longer live this fraud, and more unfathomable to her, he confesses that he loves her.

This book has more conflict than in the typical novel of the historical romance genre (will they/won’t they get together).  It also deals with the complicated subjects of self-esteem and self-worth.  In a world where women are not expected to be more than pretty decorations in a room or baby makers, Violet has convinced herself that she is a freak of nature and unworthy of love.  But it will take more than Sebastian’s attempts to change Violet’s mind, true acceptance can only come from within.

This book is an excellent addition to the Brothers Sinister series that is already ripe with strong heroines and excellent story lines.  5 stars for an excellent heroine and the mate for her mind as well as her heart.  🙂


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