Things to do while you should be editing your novel

image Editing is a giant pain in the butt and is the kind of activity that brings out the procrastinator in me.  I hate it, it’s driving me crazy, and I’m only up to Chapter 5 in first round drafts.

So, I’m giving into my procrastination, if only to give my slumped shoulders a break.

Here’s a short list of some of the things that I do instead of editing my novel:

1) Studying, tearing, and biting my nails – I spend all day using my fingers to type and yet when I come home to edit my novel, they suddenly become interesting.  “When did I get that hang nail?” nom, nom, nom.  “Why do my fingers hurt?”

2) Playing candy crush – I hate this game, honestly.  And yet, I keep crawling back to fulfill some kind of deranged mind-numbing addiction.  Why?  Why am I still stuck on level 125?  Don’t judge, I’ve only been playing since….August?  <Save me> :p

3) Buying books on amazon – This really isn’t wasteful because reading can count as skill development.  Ha!  Also, I like to troll Amazon for amusingly titled romance novels or cover art. 🙂

4) Buying running shoes on amazon – Well, this can count toward writing too.  Really!  I’ve written my best scenes while running.  Although, it’s somewhat difficult to edit while running (especially if you labor through running like I do).

5) Getting pulled into a TV drama, comedy, or nonsense – Oh glowing box that gives me entertainment, why do I watch you even when there’s nothing on?  Well, because my mind is numb from reading my own rambling prose.  Upside:  Sherlock last night was fabulous!  Benedict, you are lovely.  Hmm, maybe I can buy fangirl stuff on Amazon?

6) Randomly searching Etsy – Don’t do this (do it!), it will kill so much time!  My favorite search term – victorian.  But this counts as research too, because at some point, I’m sure I’ll write a historical romance.  🙂

7) Stressing over my word choice – oh wait, this is the one thing that actually does count as editing.  So yay, maybe I am actually making progress. 🙂

Good luck, all you fellow struggling editors!


6 thoughts on “Things to do while you should be editing your novel”

  1. I read lots and lots of blogs whenever I procrastinate. Help. Well, no, don’t help. Otherwise I’d not be reading this, and that’s what you want, right? More readers? Gah. Conundrum City! 😛


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