My struggle to slow things down

imageI’ve recently finished a first draft of a novel and have begun the process of editing.

There are many authors who trim the fat from their rough drafts.  I will trim some of my story in places, I’m sure.  But, a lot of my first draft editing will revolve around adding flesh to the more bony pieces of my story (there are a good many of them).

And why is that?

Well, I need to slow down when writing – to expand on some of my over-simplification or summarization to enrich my story.  I feel like my “bony parts” are a natural outgrowth of someone who used to skip around to different scenes in a story (and never finish) moving to a more linear form of writing.  And then there is always the hurry to get a rough draft finished.  All of these factors can make me forget to savor the true magic of description for some of my “in-between” or “set up” scenes – something I am trying to work on now.

While going through my rough draft to expand certain sections, I like to think of Frank Sinatra’s words of advice in “Nice n’ Easy:”

“…the problem now of course is

to simply hold your horses

to rush would be a crime

’cause nice and easy does it every time…”

Ol’ blue eyes can always put things in perspective.  🙂


6 thoughts on “Pacing”

  1. I just finished a rough draft too, and I believe I will be adding to the bony pieces as well. I definitely understand what you are saying here. When I am done editing this one, I will need to start on editing the sequel. I finished it two years ago….


    1. Wow. Congratulations to you on finishing a rough draft as well. I feel like editing is both a joy and a curse – joy that a draft is finished and a curse in making something useful out of it. This is the first completed rough draft that I’ve tried to edit – how about you?


      1. Um…that might be an embarrassing question to answer. I have rewritten the same novel like seven times, changing the story slightly each time. Every time I went to edit it, I tossed it and started over. That book will be the sequel to this one, and it is essentially done outside of the editing. Editing is definitely a curse and blessing!


      2. That’s not embarrassing, I think it’s fairly common to edit and re-edit or re-write. Hang in there through the editing process..I’m already missing regular writing. 😦


  2. I’m so glad that other people have to add to the bony bits. You read so much about cutting stuff out but much less about adding it in. That’s where I am at the moment with my rewrite of my first novel, after concentrating on short stories and a novella. I’m building up to longer work!

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