Review “Suddenly You”

Ebook Review:  “Suddenly You,”  By Lisa Kleypas

imageIn “Suddenly You,” we follow the story of Amanda, a so-called spinster (she’s really only 30 years old) and novelist.  Amanda’s parents died a few years ago, during the time when Amanda would have been looking for a husband (this is a regency romance, after all).  After her parents die, she boldly sells their house, publishes novels, and goes to live in London – and succeeds!  Yay for successful female characters!

Despite all of the success and fame from being a novelist, she is lonely.  Enter Jack Devlin, a successful publisher who enjoys “stealing” authors from their current publishers and releasing scandalous books (that of course, sell).  He pursues Amanda for her literary talent and her body.  Excellent, who doesn’t want to be appreciated for both their brain and body?

Ah, a romance between a novelist and publisher – an interesting off-take of the boss/employee sub-genre (sexy and power over your income? double score! :p)

I’ve read several of Lisa Kleypas’ books, most notably her Wallflower Series, and enjoy this author very much.  “Suddenly You” was written before that series.  As a result, it was interesting for me to compare this work with her Wallflower Series: 1) both bodies of work showcase strong and interesting female characters that buck the traditions of their time (which I love).  2) Both bodies of work have good plots and were enjoyable stories.

Lisa Kleypas is definitely an author I admire and in this book (as it is an earlier work of hers), I was able to get a glimpse of a writer taking shape.   Many of us struggle in pace and the number of obstacles/events that our characters must overcome.  The one critique that I have for this story is that there are a lot of things happening at the end of the book.  Don’t misunderstand – this was a well written and entertaining story.  However, I felt that some of the action could have been spread out a bit more (maybe occur earlier in the story or maybe the novel should have been a little longer).  But I think that this is a natural problem for many “young” novelists (including myself).  And, the fact that Lisa Kleypas is a successful writer who creates enjoyable stories should give us all hope that our gifts will continue to blossom throughout the course of our writing career.

4 out of 5 stars for this excellent writer and her ability to write strong female characters who do amazing things. 🙂


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