Review – Again the Magic

Ebook Review:  “Again the Magic,” By Lisa Klepas


A prequel to the Wallflower series!   Oh, what wonders I discover while trolling for ebooks from the library before a business trip. 🙂

We previously met Marcus, Earl of Westcliff, in the Wallflower series. But in this lovely novel, we learn of the fate of his two older sisters – Aline and Livia.

Aline and a stable boy/servant, McKenna, share a deep and special bond of friendship at a young age.  This friendship blossoms into a powerful love.  However, after being discovered, they must part ways and Aline is forced to drive her lover away, in order to protect him from her vindictive, evil father.   (Gasp! A love story of two people from different social spheres, striving against the world for their love?! What more could the regency subgenre ask for?) 12 years later, McKenna returns to Aline’s family estate to exact revenge on the woman who wronged him, and of course, fails miserably as he is powerless in his love for her.

McKenna also brings with him a business partner, Gideon Shaw, who is the one person that is able to reach Aline and Marcus’ sister, Olivia, and draw her back into the real world (she’s suffered from a terrible twist of fate).

Again the Magic,” is sweet and equally heart wrenching, the kind of romance novel that so easily manipulates you into smiling mischievously one minute and threatening to make you cry (on a delayed airplane, for me) the next. As a result, I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, an excellent read for a business trip or curled up at home on the couch. 🙂


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