Review: Christmas Shorts

Ebook reviews – Short stories for Christmas

Romance is one of the few genres that can easily release hundreds of holiday stories – and the industry does, every year.  I’m somewhat divided on the holiday romance stories, as many of them (especially shorts) tend to be so cheesy that it becomes physically impossible to suppress the eye-roll.  So, it is generally with great reluctance that I download holiday lit  –  call me a hater all you want, but even if you’re the type to read these in the summertime, you know that many of these books are practically oozing with cheese.

Ebook review: “A spy for Christmas” By Kristen James

imageIn this short, we meet Robin Holliday, who recently broke up with her boyfriend. Instead of sulk, Robin goes on a trip to Hawaii to make the best of the situation.  On the trip back, Robin wins the seat mate lottery when her chatty seat mate swaps seats with the handsome and charming, Grayson. (This is perhaps the most fictional part of the story. :p). They flirt and bat eyelashes, but nothing really comes of it, as Grayson is a spy and doesn’t feel that this is the right time to get involved. However, all of that changes when Grayson sees foreign agents nearly kidnap Robin. He rushes in to save her and then the two are forced to spend a weekend together off the radar to stay safe.

I don’t want to summarize too much more, as it is only a novella.  It’s not overly cheesy, so that’s good.  Although the language used and some of the scenes are that of a novice writer, I think that the author shows some real potential.  I give this novel two and a half stars.  A good start in the hard genre of short romance, girl.

Ebook Review: “Holiday Rush” By Lisa Scott

imagePoor Lindy Richards.  After running late for a date on black Friday, Lindy cuts herself and her tights.  Bleeding (and smearing it on the door of her car), Lindy stops at a discount store to get a new pair of tights for her date.  Unfortunately, her inner saver (she’s a manager of a fancy clothes store) takes over and she grabs a whole bunch of clothes to try on. As fate would have it, she gets locked into the changing room.  Fearing the worst, her roommate calls the police. The press finds her car (bloody from cutting her leg) outside the local discount store.  The manager of the store (also the son of its owner), Alex finds her in the dressing room and the pair is filmed exiting the store.

Completing her string of bad luck, Lindy loses her job at the fancy store (for shopping at a discount store) and her blind date decides not to see her after all.  Luckily, Alex hires her to work at the discount store.  But there’s a no dating policy at the stone – boo.  But don’t worry, it doesn’t stop them….

This was a fun and not overly cheesy Christmas romance novel.  It did a good job of including all the elements of a Christmas story – giving to the needy and Christmas miracles as well as the elements of romance.  Another good start from an emerging author. I give this one three stars.

*                  *                   *                      *                     *

Wishing you all a very happy holiday and a happy read, whatever your genre.  🙂


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