Review: “Something About You”

Ebook Review “Something About You,” By: Julie James

image I travel often for work and have spent many a night unable to go to sleep in hotel room after a long day’s work.  As a result, I read a lot – and many times, I turn to the fast and funny reads that are like cotton candy to my brain.

Being a frequent guest of hotels, I giggled in camaraderie with the beginning of “Something About You” – the heroine is stuck in a hotel room and kept awake by the <ahem> goings on of the room next door.  Even more amusing is that the author was apparently inspired by experiencing something similar.  Girl, I feel your pain.

In addition to the wild romp of the couple next door, our heroine, Cameron (Assistant DA), also overhears a murder.  Being the only witness to the murder of a politician’s secret mistress thrusts (sorry, couldn’t resist) FBI agent Jack Pallas back into Cameron’s life.

And boy, do Cameron and Jack have an interesting back story.  Let’s summarize to say that he dislikes her very much and blames her for something that is (of course) not really her fault.  Cameron also has a very good reason to be uncomfortable with Jack.  But despite all that dislike, there is an under-current of attraction which explodes when Jack is put in charge of keeping Cameron safe from a murderer who wants to tie up  his one loose end.

I loved this book because it manages to be funny (but not too over the top), has a hero/heroine with a lot of chemistry, and has a fairly decent collection of bad guys/mystery elements.  Four out of five stars.  🙂


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