Review: “Dark Witch” (Book One of the Cousins O’Dwyer)

Book Review:  “Dark Witch,” By Nora Roberts

imageTo the power of three, so it will be a trilogy! 🙂  “The Dark Witch” is the first book in the Cousins O’Dwyer series, Nora Robert’s latest paranormal romance.  I’ve never read her vampire series, but I will say, Nora Roberts has her witches down pat – from rhyming incantations to a dark battle between good and evil.

The first few chapters of the “Dark Witch”  cover the genesis of our pending epic battle.  It begins in 1263, with a battle of good and evil, between Sorcha (the dark witch) and Cabhan (a dark, powerful witch).  Cabhan will stop at nothing to increase his power – he thinks if he seduces Sorcha that they can rule together.  But Sorcha is a good witch and a good woman, with a husband and three children. She is forced to send her children away to safety (giving them all of her powers and creating medals to protect them) and tries to defeat Cabhan by sacrificing herself.  She nearly succeeds at vanquishing Cabhan, but he is able to survive, drawing his power from an amulet (which he probably made a deal with the devil to get).

Skip to 2013, where our story truly begins.  Iona, an only child and never truly loved by her parents, travels to Ireland – the land of her ancestors.  She is on a mission to have a little adventure, meet her cousins, and find a place where she truly fits.  Her cousins Branna and Connor take her in and forge a bond with her instantly.  Branna also gets Iona a job at the local stable, since she’s good with horses (it’s part of her power) and it is here that she meets Boyle (steady, quiet, manly man who also works at the stable).

We also get the set up for the coming books/love interests.  It’s not rock science and I’m not giving anything away: Connor (a bit of a flirt and Iona’s male witch cousin) and Meara (normal person and friend of the group).  Branna (smart, capable, and guarded witch) and Fin (descendant of bad guy Cabhan, but a really nice guy and powerful witch).  I think I’ll enjoy the last book with Branna and Fin the best, since there’s all kinds of dramatic tension and longing going on there, which I am a sucker for.

Side note:  I have to confess that because all of the characters (except Iona) are Irish, I did amuse myself by reading their voices in an Irish brogue.  I’m a sucker for accents (as most Americans are) and the Irish brogue is my favorite. <Sigh>  It makes me swoon.

Anyway, in the “Dark Witch,” Iona is tutored in the ways of the craft by her cousins and quickly falls for Boyle.  But looming in the shadows is Cabhan, plotting to kill the cousins, take their power, and you know, take over the world.  The threat of epic battles, meeting loving family/friends, and budding romances –  what else could we want from a paranormal romance?  How about for the next two installments to come out sooner?  The second book is slated for April 2014 and who knows when the last will come out?  Alas, some things are worth waiting for.

I give this book 4 stars out of 5.  Masterful, as always, from my favorite author…and I’m counting the days until I get to read the other stories! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Review: “Dark Witch” (Book One of the Cousins O’Dwyer)

    • Heehee. Her incantations do make for some fun rhymes. 🙂 She also had another witch series a ways back…three women who lived on a island, I think? One of them owns a cute little bookshop. I’ll have to look it up, as it’s been ages, but that series was fun as well.

      And yes, I haven’t read the Circle Trilogy yet, though I think I have book two or three somewhere in my stacks. Have you read any of them?


      • Oh, the Three Sisters Island Trilogy. Yeah, a really cute one, I have to admit. The second book was my favorite. 🙂
        (you know what’s better about that little bookshop? that it was also a cafeteria of sorts! how cool!)

        I have read both the Three Sisters Island books AND the Circle ones. I was on a personal NR read-athon last year, and I sort of overdid it 🙂
        Let me tell you this: her Circle Trilogy is the best series she’s ever given to us readers! Not to mention, she describes vampires in a very realistic way, unlike some other books that shall remain unmentioned…


      • Is it really possible to overdo NR? Hehe 🙂 I remember the bit about the cafe in the bookshop – for years I wanted to find or open up one like that, as a small bookshop/cafe seems like an excellent place to hang out.

        I’ll have to dig up my Circle Trilogy books then, I have to admit I was a little reluctant with the overdoneness of the vampire genre…but it is NR, so I’m sure it’s fabulous. 🙂


      • She surpassed even her own awesomeness, if that’s even possible! It has it all, focuses on both the vampire genre AND the romance only NR can deliver, and of course there HAS to be at least ONE character you’ll love.

        Oh, yeah, a cafe/bookshop would be the most ideal place to work at… *sighs dreamily*


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