Review: “It Happened One Autumn”

Ebook review: “It Happened One Autumn,” by Lisa Kleypas


Ah yes, the historical/regency romantic sub-genre.  I don’t usually read historical romances because the plight of ridiculously beautiful and rich heroines searching the ton for a marriageable viscount can be tiresome.  It was the romance genre that I started with years ago (sneaking books from my mom’s stash in our basement) and the genre that almost turned me off of romance novels completely – if a doe-eyed, empty-headed heroine stomps her foot “prettily” one more time, I’m going to scream.

That said, I do periodically read them.  Why?  I’m a glutton for punishment?  Well, yes.  But also, there are a lot of historical romances available and sometimes, there are books/series that are actually entertaining.  This book is one of the best historical romances that I’ve read in a long time.

It happened one autumn” is the second book in the Wallflower series.  The Wallflowers are a group of girls, that are having trouble finding suitors – one is beautiful and poor, two are loud sisters from America (yay!), and the last is painfully shy.  The girls decide that there is strength in numbers and they band together to find husbands.

It happened one autumn,” follows the older American sister, Lillian Bowman, and our conservative Englishman, Lord Marcus Westcliff.  This book is perhaps my favorite in the series (although I do love “The Devil in Winter” so much it may warrant its own review).  Not only is Lillian boisterous, vivacious, smart, sporty, and fun, she also can curse like a sailor.  🙂  Marcus is slightly pompous and a stickler for rules, but is drawn to free-spirited Lillian against his will (oh, how we love it when they try to fight their feelings).  They try to fight their attraction to each other behind a hedge, in the orangery, in a private garden, in the library….and of course, they fail.

My favorite part of this book is actually Lillian’s refusal to marry Marcus.  Ever the strong woman not seen in many novels, she refuses to be bullied into marriage by the hero and also has to deal with some serious in-law issues (hey, who doesn’t?).

I give this book (as well as book #3 and book #4) five out of five stars for refreshing heroines who are bold, lively, and fun, as well as the interesting men they end up with.


5 thoughts on “Review: “It Happened One Autumn”

  1. Yay for strong heroines that do not act like little princesses! I understand how it is, those old romances where all the cliches were pulled had me against any romantic point in literature for years! So, it’s really refreshing to find female protagonists in love stories – especially ones that take place in that particular era. By the way, I have this series’s first book in my TR list. Is it any good, or should I go straight to this one?


    • You should still read it. The first book is good, but it is my least favorite of the series because the heroine is ridiculously beautiful. However, her family has run out of money and therefore the gentleman don’t want to marry her. There is a wealthy “new money” hero, but she wants to marry a peer (she’s a lady). She overcomes all these issues and falls in love with our hardworking hero. They have good chemistry and it is well written, but I like the heroines/stories in the other 3 books better. I’d probably give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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