Review: “Her Best Worst Mistake”

Ebook Review:  “Her Best Worst Mistake,” By Sarah Mayberry

image My best friend is one of the most well-read people that I know.    Her tastes and knowledge of books are so eclectic, that she can give excellent book recommendations for any genre.  Luckily for me, her guilty pleasure is the romance genre.  She recommended this steamy novel to me, so thanks, girl!

Side note before we get started:  who doesn’t have a small smirk or smile on their face when they look at this cover?  🙂

In “Her Best Worst Mistake,” we follow the story of Violet, who can’t seem to stop fighting with her best friend’s man, Martin.  Much to the annoyance of Elizabeth (Violet’s friend), Martin is equally and constantly annoyed with Violet.  Martin seems a bit tight laced, haughty, conservative, and aware of appearances.  Violet is fun, vibrant, and a little wild, and enjoys annoying Martin.  Early in the story, Elizabeth breaks it off with Martin and runs away to Australia.  Martin wrongly assumes that this break-up has been orchestrated by Violet.  Meanwhile, Violet feels really bad for Martin and decides to bring him a peace offering of alcohol that she remembers he likes.  One thing leads to another (as things are wont to do), and soon Violet and Martin find themselves in a heated affair.

Yum.  Let me say that this book is quite steamy (there are so many delicious parts of this novel to enjoy – including a dinner party seduction that was truly awesome).  The author does an excellent job with my favorite sub genre of romantic fiction – the enemies.  Of course, all that hate is born out of a deeper chemistry that they can’t fight…for long.  In addition to a sufficient amount of steam, the characters also grow – sincerely caring for each other and building a real relationship.

I give this romance novel a solid five out of five stars – smart, entertaining, and steamy novel that I highly recommend.

Last side note:  What was my favorite line in this book that had me giggling and blushing?  “I love mangoes.”  Oh my….


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