Review: “Instant Attraction”

Ebook Review “Instant Attraction,” by Jill Shalvis


In “Instant Attraction,” Katie accepts a job as a temporary accountant/office manager for Wilder Adventures in Wishful, California, after surviving a terrible accident and promising herself to be more adventurous.  Wishful is a small mountain town in the middle of Sierras and far from her life in L.A.   Cam, one of the Wilder brothers that owns the company, has returned to Wishful after a long trek around the world.  Cam, like Katie, suffered a terrible accident – except prior to his accident, he was an Olympic level snowboarder and adventurer.

Can Katie’s naive enthusiasm and open personality slip past Cam’s defenses and into his heart?  Can Cam help Katie live her promise to more adventurous and help her get past her accident?

I think it’s safe to say that no one reads romance novels to be surprised at the happy ending, so we all know the answer to those questions.  We do, however, read the novels to see how they get there.  “Instant Attraction” does a nice job of building up the tension between the two characters as well as showing the evolution of their feelings.  She also does a nice job of setting up the rest of the series (there are two more brothers to get through, and they’re all green-eyed, rugged, mountain men).

I was also pleased to see that the heroine was an accountant/numbers person and wears glasses – yay!  There is a serious lack of romantic heroines that are numbers folk – series opportunity…?  Anyone, anyone?  Ah well, I tried.

So, while I was amused by the overall story and a numbers girl heroine, I was somewhat annoyed by the heroine’s ability to nearly kill herself every time she tried something new.  Granted, she was still dealing with the turmoil of surviving a really scary car accident/bridge collapse, but can she do anything by herself without the hero having to rescue her?  Trying out a snowmobile?  Fall into the snow until our strapping man comes to help.  Hanging out with new friends?  Gets helplessly drunk and vomits in hero’s truck.  Angry hike to get away from hero?  Fall off ledge and must be rescued by said hero.  Erg.  Enough already, doing stuff by yourself is sexy too dammit.  We don’t need some hulking hunk to save us from every little thing, even us accident prone ladies.  Sigh.  But at least, despite her numerous failures, she does still try to get out there and do new things.

I give this book three out of five stars.  Pretty entertaining and well-written, but points taken away for overdoing the accident prone thing (and not in a funny way).


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