“Mirrorlight (Once Upon a Time-Travel)”

E-book review: “Mirrorlight (Once Upon a Time-Travel)” By: Jill Myles


“Mirrorlight” is a romantic short story about Cora, who is asked to babysit an old castle in England.  When a mysterious man begins to appear on the other side of a mirror, Cora becomes determined to learn more about him and how to get him to keep coming back (age-old romance novel problem, I know 🙂 ).  Sparks fly when Cora and our mystery man learn they can touch each other through the mirror.  But can Cora keep a relationship with a man that’s from the past?

A lot of romance novellas have been popping up on Amazon and I believe that it is a great way for emerging authors to get their names out there and their stories read.  Most of the time, these novellas are free or sold at a cheap $0.99.  I tend to download them for fun and to give a new author a chance.  The beauty of them is that if the story is not to your liking, there’s not a lot of love lost (with the low price) and not a lot of time lost either (as you can generally plow through one in a few hours).  The drawback to the novella form for romance is that a lot of times, assuming the characters don’t already know each other, the falling in love part can be very rushed and/or sickeningly sweet.

That was not the case in “Mirrorlight.” Instead of falling for the hero right away, (thankfully) she was a little concerned and mostly curious when our dark hero shows up on the other side of the mirror.  The story was nicely paced for the short novella form and heroine/hero bond doesn’t seem too rushed or overly silly.  There’s also funny little neighbor in the story, who helps fill in the gaps on the history of the castle and the mystery man for our heroine (and the reader).

All in all, I’d say this is a good start for this author as well as a fun and enjoyable read.


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