Review: “Armed and Fabulous”

E-book review:


“Armed and Fabulous” by Camilla Chafer:

I got this book off of kindle and at the time, I believe, it was free or fairly cheap, now it’s $2.99, which is a sort of testament to how enjoyable this book is.  “Armed and Fabulous” is the first in a series about Lexi Graves, a temp turned sleuth that is investigating a crime (with the help of her fun best friend) and tasked with the annoying honor of planning her perfect sister’s baby shower.  It is hilarious and similar in style to the Stephanie Plum series (like the movie “One for the money,” only much funnier). This book works well as the first in a series or even as a standalone book.  I really enjoyed it – and give it a solid four out of five caffeinated beverage stars for its page turning excitement and hilarity.  🙂

And that says a lot, as I’m not generally one for series.  My usual problem with them is time and commitment – I know, it’s shallow – but, I like the end of a book to be THE END, not just a cliffhanger or a dangling string.  There are, of course, exceptions to every rule – there are series that are engaging and wonderful (like Harry Potter).  Then there’s that consistency issue that a lot of series have, where halfway through, something happens that just doesn’t make sense in the realm of what we know of the characters – like with Sookie and Bill (what do you mean, he was never really in love with her?).  Though to be fair, I love the Sookie series and love Sookie with Eric.

But, with a romantic series – it’s a whole different ball of wax.  We see the heroine go back and forth (and sometimes in more directions) like a ping-pong ball – and we all can see the set up.  There’s bachelor #1) who our heroine will end up with in the first book.  But, hang on – there’s a darker and even more mysterious man, that our heroine is also drawn to and (gasp) she ends up with him in another book.  It’s kind of annoying after the fourth or fifth iteration, when our fun and funny heroine still can’t make up her mind.  Again, there are of course exceptions to every rule (like Sookie).  But I guess I just prefer my heroine to be done with her wanderings, at least by the end of a trilogy –  like in the Sleeping Beauty series.

What does seem to work (for romance, at least) are the series that center around a group of friends or siblings – you get to hear all of their separate stories, but still check in with the characters that you loved in the last book (usually, they’re pregnant – but I’m sure I’ll post more on that another time).


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