Book Reviews

Before I loved to write, I loved to read.  I credit my love of reading to my mom, who only gave in to a plea to stay up past  bedtime if the time was spent reading.

Of course, it wasn’t until middle school that “suitable” reading material was supplemented by sneaking romance novels from my mom’s stash of them in our basement – unbeknownst to her, of course.

I love to read a wide variety of fiction (I sometimes even branch out to non-fiction), but I have recently turned back to romance.  I am also a fan of emerging e-book authors, which I find on kindle.  I enjoy these ebooks because, first, they tend to be cheap (we did only recently exit a recession and I read a shit-ton of books) and second, I like the idea of taking a chance on someone new.

So, I’ll be posting a few reviews of ebooks and also regular books that I’ve happened across in trolling through bookstores (whether they be brick and mortar book stores or online).


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